Absolutely the best – excellent quality, great communication, always on time.
Great team, highly experienced, goal-oriented, with excellent communication skills and very professional workflow. Highly recommended.
Need iOs work done– then choose Al Digit! Seriously, I have used many developers and Al Digit distinguishes themselves from others. When I posted this job up, I was frustrated by how many bugs the app had, and by how the prior developers had such trouble finding and getting rid of bugs. It turns out that this problem was because of how poorly the app was architectured and coded (copy and paste code everywhere). Al Digit team was able to step into a large, math intensive, code-heavy project and really do great work by re-architecturing much of the messy code that the prior developer had left me with. After a few months of work, the change in my app is noticeable–better sales and better reviews coming in from the App Store, consistently.
During the short duration, Al Digit came up to speed and delivered high quality software on iPhone. We are looking forward to working with them in the near future.
Krishna Kurapati, CEO at qliqSoft
Ivan is a superb iOS developer, I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again. He was already very good when I worked with him a year ago (which is why I came back), and I have noticed that his skills even further improved on this project.
Al Digit team did an excellent job of setting up web on-line system very fast. This included setting up a working database environment on a server and programing complex web page routines. They did a great job understanding our requirements. Also they were very pleasant to work with. Developers at Al Digit are a very good listeners. We plan to use them on future assignments.
We plan to contract with Pavel and his associates for other projects. He and his company has far exceed our expectations. Because of his creative solutions, our project came in under budget with better and more useful features. Also he was very responsive in fixing the very few problems which appeared during testing phase. Pavel’s english and communication skills are excellent! He is a very good listener and he also understands what GREAT customer service means. Again, Excellent and Impressive work on a very complex project!
Another job well done! Guys are great to work with and are excellent programmers.
Great job – look forward to working with you again in the future.